Our mission is to provide natural health care solutions, quality products, services, therapies, educational programs and business opportunities to the public at large.  We are offering a totally new and complete approach to well being presented in a unique manner.  We will provide you with real solutions and pure plant supplementations for weight management and health problems as well as long term solutions, that will enhance the quality of your life.

 Fit For Life® International: A Natural Health (Hygiene) Organization

Our Mission

Founded in 1994, as a U.S. Corporation governed by an international group of alternative health care providers, counselors and educators known as Hygienic Scientists and Consultants, whose agenda is to promote "Natural Self-Healing through Healthier Living" world-wide for the benefit and over-all well-being of all humanity.
Although the Company's head-office is currently in Canada, Fit For Life® International as well as Fit For Life Sciences Institute and The College of Natural Health is global and forwards the practical and complete application of the basic principles and truths of commonsense and biologically correct living practices which result in better health. Along with the proven effects of having a life filled with the joyous well-being of being in control and existence that can result in disease free longevity. As well securing a living environment with less stress and more peace of mind, unique and vastly improved lifestyles, and of course a more blissful connection with the entire world around us. By living naturally and healthfully while in complete harmony with nature and the world around us, we are enabled to rejuvenate our bodies and reach our full and complete health potential.

Our mission is:

To promote an understanding of the authentic principles and practice of Natural Hygiene, the science of health, as a living, dynamic philosophy, science and lifestyle of health and self-healing as well as providing real flextarian options to those who may feel a strict vegetaruian and/or vegan lifestyle approach to better health is to much to deal with at the outset of any program and perhaps more than they can deal with right away.

To provide an international focus for people worldwide, interested in healthful living and the philosophical principles and awareness which supports it.

To advocate, promote and support the living-raw foods, hygienic, plant-based diet, as the dietary lifestyle that is optimum for the healthy evolution of humankind and the preservation/regeneration of our natural environment.

To promote the development of a sustainable, ecological, living-raw foods, garden-culture for human nourishment and the beautification, replenishment and healing of the Earth.

To further develop the philosophy and practice of Natural Hygiene or healthful living, and to keep up to date with ongoing knowledge and understanding.

To integrate the awareness of spiritual, mental, social and physical Hygiene to maximize our health potential, enlightenment, and joy in living.

To support the education and professional development of Natural Healthcare Consultants and Hygienic Scientist Practitioners who can provide guidance and care to individuals on their self-healing journey.

The founders of Natural Hygiene have up to now largely concentrated on understanding physiology, nutrition, fasting, the healing processes of the body and its needs, the medical-therapeutic paradigm, as well as articulating a broad framework for understanding the requirements of healthful lifestyle. This has provided an excellent foundation and a broad framework of valid principles on which to further develop a greater understanding of the Hygiene of the mind, the spiritual principles for health and enlightenment, and the social-environmental requirements of health. Fit For Life® International is dedicated to the on-going development and promotion of hygienic health philosophy, science, education, diet and lifestyle which gives equal attention to all dimensions of our individual and planetary health and well-being. As well we are striving to develop more moderate concepts to encourage many more people to try to achieve better, healthier and improved lifestyle and dietary practices.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our site and will join us on the Fit For Life path.

For a happy, healthy and compassionate world,

Fit For Life® International, Inc.

Revised July 27, 2015

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