{Also available in a hard-cover printed textbook format upon request, contains a 20 volume set for a versatile reference library for both professional and/or personal fullfillment for an additional but reduced price plus shipping.}





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If you have a passion for learning more about Natural, Alternative, Hygienic, or Integrative Medicine – then NOW is the time to take action! Only “A Limited Time” to take advantage of the decreased Tuition Fees available to new students who - enroll in our world-class Diploma Courses in “Natural Hygiene(Health) and Nutrition”.
Most Affordable Tuition Available For A Professional Quality Education In The Dynamic Field Of:

"Natural Hygiene (Health) and Nutrition"

Limited Enrollments Available -Time Is Running Out - Act NOW!
In the words, we believe that everyone should be educated on how to heal themselves and others. Whether you are interested in gaining this knowledge for your own self-healing or as a healthcare practitioner, we offer a variety of courses and degree programs in Hygienic Health, Natural Health Sciences, and Orthopathic Medicine for you to choose from.

Check out our diploma course and degree program offerings today and take advantage of the decreased Tuition Fees currently available. We want to keep student to staff ratios excellent for our esteemed students, so we only admit a limited number of qualified applicants per month.
Turn your passion for natural health and healing into action and take advantage of these unbelievable savings on tuition fees by registering now before the discount programs are discontinued.

For more information on our “Fit For Life® Sciences Institution” courses and programs, call one of our Academic Advisors at:
“The College of Natural Health”: 1-800-565-7246 or 204-269-3994
or email them at: college@fitforlife.com
and they will be happy to discuss our program offerings with you.

We begin the New Year congratulating many graduates who have manifested their life's passion by finding fulfilling jobs, enhancing their chosen careers, their own personal lives and/or the lives of those loved-ones around them, with a Fit For Life® Sciences and College of Natural Health education.

Be trained as a wellness coach and/or facilitator as well as learning about your own dynamic - whole person model - plus, develop the expertise in delivering our Natural Hygienic Wellness Programs to as many individuals and/or groups as you wish, and experience the wonderous journey to your own heightened personal plateaus of: health, wellbeing, confidence and longevity.

Why should I enroll in The College of Natural Health Diploma or Degree Programs?
"Jumpstart Your Career!"
"Study with the Best in the World."
"Become a Practitioner of Alternative Medicine and/or Natural Medicine studying an updated Natural Hygienic curriculum based on the premises of Natural Hygiene."
"Turn your passion for health and healing into action."
"Make a difference in natural and alternative health care in your community."

Our students are being trained in the Knowledge of Natural Hygienic Principles!

Graduate Testimonials

We are excited to share the stories of many of our graduates who have become successful practitioners, manifesting their life’s passion by finding fulfilling jobs or enhancing their chosen careers with a Fit For Life® Sciences Institute quality education. These students decided to follow their passion and enroll, and their Fit For Life® Sciences Institute education changed their lives and they can now encouraging you to do the same! (See Below)

Course Highlight:

Rapidly growing modalities in the fields of natural and alternative medicine – Natural Hygiene – unquestionably requires from all natural health care practitioners and/or facilitators a very clear understanding of hygienic energy and its many puzzling features that make its practical use much more complex than just the use of well-researched and regular energy.
Using natural hygienic energy often presents to alternative health care practitioners confusing and/or contradictory explanations of the principles of their functions. This situation makes it difficult to effectively use natural hygienic protocols in one’s practice and to ensure the safe and successful progress of hygienic modalities in general.
Up until now, there has been no educational course and/or book available that clearly explains the origin of natural hygienic energy, its properties and mechanisms of its interaction with physical matter and living organisms. However, this course in, “Natural Hygiene and Nutrition,” is intended to resolve the above-described awkward situation that currently exists in the many fields natural and alternative practices in health care.
This course in “Natural Hygiene and Nutrition” will give students a clear understanding of what natural hygienic energy is, what it is not, will demonstrate algorithms normally governing natural hygienic energy actions and interactions, and discuss all possible ways it interacts with physical matter and can improve the human body. A bridge will be established between the ancient understanding of the “life force’/chi/prana and modern science’s knowledge about fundamental forces acting in our Universe. It will be shown how this insight, combined with modern technology, allows for the development of methods to harness natural hygienic energy.This course provides practitioners and facilitators with a direction for creative approaches to natural hygienic health care practices and a methodology for using natural hygienic energy throughout their own personal lives and/or installing in their own practices.

Course Outline:

Upon successful completion of our course in “Natural Hygiene and Nutrition”, students will:
• Develop a clearer understanding of what natural hygienic energy is, what it is not, and why their practice of natural hygienic approaches to life’s energy will benefit tremendously from such knowledge.
• Learn the algorithms governing natural hygienic energy actions so as to have an accurate and detailed “map of the processes,” thereby improving the effective use of natural hygienic energy principles and protocols in health care in their practice.
• Understand the relationship between ancient knowledge of the properties of the ‘life force’ / chi / qi / prana and modern experimental observations of natural hygienic energy’s effects on physical matter and the human body.
• Clearly recognize the role of natural hygienic energy in the “mind’s effect on matter” and such phenomena as: placebo, power of intent and even the healing effects of prayers and affirmations can have on many individuals.
• Experimental proof demonstrating that the interaction of natural hygienic energy with physical matter and living organisms critically depends on the information encoded in one’s natural hygienic energy levels.
• Learn the effects of environmental hygienic energy on the healing process, and methods of adjusting the environmental hygienic conditions to maximize the healing effects of any health care modality.
• Develop a sense of discernment regarding numerous natural hygienic energetic methods used for evaluation and healing – i.e., what can realistically be expected and what cannot.

Fit For LifeCollege of Natural Health

 The World’s Leading College Course in Natural Hygiene (Health) and Nutrition

Train for One of Today’s Fastest Growing Career Opportunities




There's a new revolution sweeping across North America and even the world - a natural health revolution. People are starting to shy away from prescription drugs and unnecessary medical interventions and instead, turning toward proper nutrition and natural methods of healing. There's a huge and growing market for organic foods, herbal formulas, and dietary supplements. Books on diet and nutrition are constantly topping the bestseller lists. There are an increasing number of health-related magazines on newsstands and even non-related publications will often feature articles on alternative health care and complementary medicine. Today North Americans still sicker, fatter and more out of shape than ever before. Because of this there is a sweeping shift toward natural therapies and alternative health care practices. And the trend is just beginning.

Our access to health related information may be abundant, but it can be very confusing for the average person. Many new health-oriented businesses are spawning up to service the need for the large companies which are starting to incorporate nutrition into their curriculum. With all these changes taking place the demand for alternative health care practitioners has become very widespread in the past couple of years.

Natural Health Practitioners, such as Nutritional Consultants are sought by schools, public institutions, retirement homes, natural health food stores, sport teams, day cares, weight loss centers, fitness clubs, YMCA's, hospitals, health spas, cruise ships, and large companies selling health products - just to name a few.

It's expected that within the next few years, nutritional services, such as nutritional consulting, will be routinely covered under medical insurance plans. There has never been a better time to tap into the natural health industry through one or more of our alternative, natural health care courses or training programs.

**** When contacting us via email; Please include your mailing address and telephone number in your email as the College requires this information for your file and to help determine the appropriate catalogue and enrollments forms to be sent out to you. Thank You.


The College offers a distance-education Diploma Program in Natural Hygiene and Nutrition. It provides our students with the resources and learning tools to independently study in the field of Alternative Healthcare and related areas. The program covers everything you need to learn in Natural Health, Hygiene and Nutrition. It incorporates the knowledge and expertise of many renowned natural health scholars and professional health educators. The lessons are designed to give students a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of natural health and nutrition.

Through the accomplishment of this program you will further your knowledge and expertise in various areas of the Alternative Healthcare modalities. Your Diploma will help you to become an effective member of the Natural and Alternative Health Care team. You will be equipped with the required knowledge to become a Natural Health Consultant, Nutritional Counselor, Alternative Health Facilitator, or just to successfully guide yourself and your loved ones to proper, natural, proactive and independent long-lasting health.

Our course comes to you in volumes designed to remain with you as your “Natural Health Reference Library.” Experts in the field prepared all the training materials, and everything you need to complete your lessons is included. All texts are written in a language everyone can understand. You can study at your own pace, write tests when ready, and do your exams when you’re well prepared.

Our students come from all occupations, levels of education, ages, and backgrounds. Our program will inspire and motivate you to change, and empower you to live the healthy life that you have always dreamed about living. The most common observation made by our students is “how much this knowledge has changed their lives.” If you want to take responsibility for your own health, you, too, can restore balance in your life and the lives of others, and then you can all enjoy the benefits of healthy living such as:


We believe the key to the future is information. Our goal is to provide educational opportunity for those interested in making changes towards natural health and healthy living. We are promoting natural hygiene, health and nutrition through education. Health care principles that we teach deeply involve psycho-nero-immunology as an absolute aspect of Natural Health and Alternative Health Care. We perceive human being as a totality.

Natural Health is to be viewed as a lifestyle that promotes healthy living, emotional well being, sound ecological behavior, and an important quality of life for all. Natural Health as a philosophy basically recognizes that human bodies are self-sufficient and capable of maintaining perfect health and freedom from illness and disease if all the basic needs are properly met. Natural Health really encompasses everything we need to nutritionally support ourselves in order to promote good health.

To understand natural health criteria, we must understand where we came from, how we developed as part of the world around us, and how technology has changed our environment as well as our adaptability to these dramatic changes. This obviously involves a comprehensive, systematic and logical study of what is required by humans to achieve a condition of ultimate health in the various stages of life. To reach this goal, we need to understand the nature and analyze mankind’s harmonious place within it.

To achieve a sound basis for the principles of natural health and hygiene, and a strong working knowledge of its application, individuals should follow a path which explores many opinions on the subject. Every educational or mind-expanding process is a process of evolution. What is not understood today can be crystal clear tomorrow.

The learning opportunity we offer is unequaled in today’s ‘Natural Health Care Fields’. The College is committed to removing barriers that traditionally restrict access to higher education by increasing equality of educational opportunity for those who are interested in learning about natural health regardless of their geographical locations or prior academic background.

The study program that we offer is based on accepted modalities. The instruction is intensive and requires commitment from our students and an open-minded approach. You can enjoy phenomenal benefits when you undertake this comprehensive course of study. Our program is challenging and intellectually involving. We believe our students need to plan a course of action and approach their studies in a systematic and organized manner. We advise our students to organize their activities and follow a study schedule that best fits their lifestyle.

We are committed to providing you with the necessary learning tools, support materials, and efficient services to not only successfully complete the course but also to become successful in the Natural Health Care Fields. It is your responsibility to absorb and act on the information that we will provide for you. Remember, together we can and will make great and improved changes!

Our Vision and Purpose

The College specializes in the science of life as applied to human health. Our goal is to provide advanced natural health educational programs to the public through our distance-learning study programs. Our goal is to spread information, knowledge, and healthful concepts. The concept of our course covers various aspects of natural health, hygiene and nutrition as well as proactive bold approaches to preventative and holistic health. We want to inspire a more positive shift in attitudes towards total good health and allow people the opportunity to unlock their body’s own natural self-healing capacities. It is now time for individuals to take the responsibility for their own good health and well being.

Our vision in offering this program is a bold new model that suggests alternative ways of living, primarily through self-responsibility, whereby difficulties are resolved where more basic human needs are addressed. The vision behind our program is to understand the concepts of illness and health in order to unfold the causes and not only symptoms. The study program offers to the public a profound wisdom in a form that everybody can appreciate.

Our methodology is to emphasize the direct effect of food and natural supplements on an individual’s health. Our approach is to explain the general principles of healthy eating, relation of diet to illness, and how the active components of natural foods, supplement and herbs work. The major purpose is to give practical guidelines and approaches on how healthy eating can alleviate a variety of health issues. The concepts and practices that we teach are the reflection of the growing trend of alternative therapies and their relationship to medicine.

The idea is not about challenging medical practices, but rather the emphasis is on balancing the body’s natural abilities to prevent illness. It is now well recognized that we can improve our health by making certain changes in our lifestyle, diet, exercise and stress reduction.

One of the fascinating realms of alternative therapies is its approach to human health as it provides us with clear and concise guidelines and protocols to follow in order to relieve and heal most common health problems. Our approach is to teach you to make healthy choices. The objective is to prepare you to counsel your clients by giving you the required knowledge, understanding and tools of natural health practice.

Why is Our Program So Unique?

Our Course is the most “student-friendly” program you will ever work with, and at the same time it provides the most comprehensive information in Natural Hygiene and Nutrition. It is fully self-contained and does not require other study materials, although we do have additional and recommended supplementary materials available for all those who wish to apply a greater emphasis on counseling others, or operating their own alternative natural health care business. The reference materials and publications can also be extremely useful to individuals who want to gain additional knowledge for their personal health and lifestyle improvements.

Each lesson starts with the “theme” of the basic principles that are expounded upon and taught throughout that particular lesson. It provides a clear statement of the lesson’s objectives and all major sections are identified with the same clearly listed instructions. The materials contained in each lesson present strong arguments in support of its theme, and the key concepts and important facts are fully developed for each lesson. Each individual lesson contains its own series of work-book tests so the student can self-test their degree of knowledge and understanding of each specific part before moving on to new information. We know that this independent distance-education diploma course in “Natural Hygiene and Holistic Nutritional Sciences” is the answer you have been searching for.

The Benefits in Taking Our Courses

When you successfully fulfill the requirements of our program you will receive your Diploma in “Natural Health (Hygiene) and Nutrition” from the College. Your Diploma confirms and signifies that you now have an in-depth knowledge and a firm understanding of the basic concepts of natural health (hygiene) and nutrition as they apply to human health. Your professional knowledge allows you to move towards a career in Natural Health Care.

You can play a major role in improving the health and lifestyle of your loved ones and those who will need your help to develop and understand the reasons that these changes are all for their own betterment and healthier future.

You can also share this life-saving knowledge and wisdom with clients and the public at large and as your enthusiasm and confidence grows you can set your newly-learned talents to the pursuit of an exciting career in alternative health care. As you guide and inspire others to take their first steps on a lifelong path to natural wellness, you will discover countless opportunities that will await your creative and newly- educated touch.


What Does Accreditation Mean to You, the Student?
If someone asked you if the institution you are taking a distance study course from is accredited, what would you say? What does accreditation mean to you as a student?

Accreditation is a process that gives public recognition to institutions that meet certain standards. It is a promise that an institution will provide the quality of education it claims to offer. Accreditation assures the student that the institution operates on a sound financial basis, has an approved program of study, qualified instructors, adequate facilities and equipment, and approved recruitment and admissions policies.

There are two separate entities in the United States that recognize accrediting agencies. The U.S. Department of Education (governmental) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (non-governmental) as well as both the Federal and Provincial Departments of Education in Canada along with several separate and independent bodies or councils for schools, colleges and institutions to be assessed and accredited as pertaining to their own unique and separate qualifications and standards in the post-secondary fields of distance education (non-governmental).

Distance Education and Training Accreditation Commission (DETAC) is proud to say that its Accrediting Commission has enjoyed the official recognition of the U.S. Department of Education, as well as the Canadian Departments of Health and Education, DETAC has been formally recognized by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools Accreditation (ABHES) and its predecessor organizations.

For institutions accredited by the DETAC’s Accrediting Commission, the road to accreditation is not an easy one. It requires a lot of hard work and hours of preparation. Application for accreditation is voluntary. However, only bona fide distance study institutions with two years operating experience may apply.

So, as you can see, when it comes to looking for a quality institution, accreditation is the student’s best friend. It would be virtually impossible for anyone to duplicate or “second guess” the extensive investigation done by recognized accrediting agencies.

After all is said and done, an accredited institution is one that delivers on its promises to its student/clients everyday and Fit For Life Sciences Institute is now fully accredited.


 Academic Programs

Our distance-learning program is highly flexible and does not have a particular calendar. Enrollment is open and no prior academic background is required. You can begin taking the course at any time and at your own pace. You can take the time you need to complete the program. You have up to two years to complete your
Natural Health (Hygiene) and Nutrition program. You may; of course, complete your program even sooner if you find you can devote more time to your studies.

You will graduate when you fulfill all the academic requirements. The College zealously guards the value of every Diploma we award. Therefore, you must demonstrate competency in each course you take, by passing the examinations whenever you are ready. If you wish to graduate on any particular date you must inform the College at least 60 days prior to any date selected. Upon completion of 50% of the program requirements (54 lessons and 10 written examinations), we will issue and send to you a Certificate of Proficiency.

Following completion of the remaining requirements, and passing the final exam, we will mail your embossed graduation Diploma in “Natural Health and Nutrition” (within six to eight weeks after you have completed all the requirements and graduated from the program).


Fit For LifeŽ Sciences Institute and The College of Natural Health offer a comprehensive, affordable, non-dogmatic approach to natural and hygienic nutritional consulting education that will improve the quality of the student's life, health, and career options. This course has really been designed for everyone with a keen interest and desire to be part of this industry, however, we have always had these four categories of students in mind as primary candidates for our courses and training programs:

  • Natural health practitioners looking to expand their business (chiropractors, reflexologists, aroma-therapists, massage therapists, fitness instructors, iridologists, herbalogists, herbalists, and many more categories of professional health care practitioners).
  • Individuals involved in the retail or distribution of natural health products and dietary supplements.
  • Individuals wishing to start an exciting career in the rapidly growing field of natural health.
  • All those wishing to learn about proper natural nutritional techniques to enhance their lives, improve their health, increase their longevity, and to enrich the lives of those around them.

We believe alternative health, including nutrition, is one of the most rewarding fields to be involved in today. There are more and more people seeking ways to improve and maintain their health naturally, therefore, the need is also growing for qualified natural health practitioners, such as Nutritional Consultants.

Many colleges and universities are now offering full time, four-year programs in nutrition. These are not only time-consuming but can also cost tens of thousands of dollars. Fit For LifeŽ prides itself in having developed the most comprehensive and world-recognized natural health courses, and as well they were also designed to use a very affordable home study, distance-education format for you to become a Professional Nutritional Consultant.

Our program is designed for people with busy lifestyles who want to study at their own pace and in the comfort of their own homes. At the same time, the curriculum is very in-depth and extensive, fully preparing the student for the prestigious designation of Professional Nutritional Consultant and Qualified Natural Nutrition Facilitator.

Only our College of Natural Health gives YOU the real skills you need to become a proper Natural Health Counselor and Hygienic Science Practitioner.

The program comes to your home as a complete 20-volume package of course textbooks and study resources. Our step-by-step lessons guarantee your success.

Our lessons are in-depth and specially designed for our program. They are “student-friendly” and provide you with the most factual and comprehensive information in Natural health, Hygiene, Nutrition and holistic Lifestyles

Regardless of your background you can build a successful career with our highly educational training program. Your College lessons start by walking you through the foundations of Hygienic Science and by giving you an expert understanding of holistic health. By the time you complete your course you’ll be ready to go after profitable jobs or even start your own business in the ever expensing fields of Natural or Alternative Health.

Our lessons are in-depth. Each lesson is really a mini-course in itself, focusing on a particular aspect of health. The spectrum of health sciences that these lessons cover makes the full course compatible to having a “health library” at your finger tips. The lessons you receive are rich in Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Cytology, Physical Fitness, Holistic Living and Nutritional and Health Sciences.

Many of our graduates have manifested their life's passion by finding fulfilling jobs and/or have enhanced their chosen careers with an outstanding Fit For Life® Sciences Institute and a College of Natural Health education.

Hear Now From From Some Of Our Graduates:

“As a, graduate of this course, I give it my highest recommendation and strongest endorsement. If YOU want a career in Natural Health, join our team.”

Alois Kolar, BHSc
Author Lecturer, Teacher and Practitioner

Not only has the invaluable knowledge I have gained from doing the course benefited me in my day to day life, confirming what I instinctively felt - that the body knows best, but has also enabled me to steer others to help themselves. Therefore if you've ever had doubts that the way we 'treat' ourselves in this day and age is not necessarily the best or only way there is – this course will challenge you positively to assess for yourself the reality of living health.

The course contents, structure and support system are fantastic, easy to digest (!) and very helpful. The financial investment is more than worth it! Go forth and learn for yourselves (I recommend it most highly)!

Sara Kult-Smith
Student of Natural Hygiene and Nutritional Sciences

After many years of studying so many different health programs (and trying all of them on myself with mixed results), I have finally discovered through this education the primordial principles of health - universal principles (laws) which are impersonal and true for every body, regardless of age or sex or blood type or whatever.

The Fit For Life® Sciences Program has not only taught me what to eat, how to detoxify my body, and the importance of sufficient rest, fresh air, mental rest, clean water, etc. More importantly, I have learned how to think for myself about my own health and to not be swayed by all the contradictory information out there (you've probably heard that red wine and chocolate are now good for you!). Although I have respect for the medical profession and the emergency skills they have developed, the medical/pharmaceutical model of how the body works (and its underlying false assumptions) were not working for me.

Eve Busher, B.Sc., MBA
Engineering Consultant

“This study course is the most factual, accurate, and myth-shattering nutritional program you will find. It is based simply on how the body operates, and has no vested interests or commercial sponsors to answer to. It is based on biological fact and therefore works. That’s the bottom line….You will get the results you want with this program.”

Art Baker
Author of the book “Awakening Your Self-Healing Body”

“Our own health is the fruit of rightful living practices and no one can prove otherwise. When you plant tomatoes…..you get tomatoes, not avocados. That’s scientific! We are all governed by laws that don’t care what we think of them, they just are! A bird is not a pilot. It just knows how to fly. All the knowledge is within its body. Natural Health (Hygiene) will teach you what your own body already knows.”

Marian Banner

“Now I am practicing and teaching ‘Natural Health (Hygiene)’, giving seminars, meeting with corporate executives, running my own healthful retreat, and writing my own programs and books. This course is the most fundamentally important step anyone can make towards a career or even a much needed personal lifestyle improvements for better natural health and of course longevity.”

Anna Inez Matus
Author, Practitioner and Facilitator

“I have read hundreds of health books in Romanian, German, French, English, and Italian, and have never reached the conclusion that truth is far away from the ‘science’ professed by many in the so-called civilized countries in the world. This course makes the simple and basic truths come alive and allows you to understand and accept how each person must take charge of their own healthful destiny.”

John C. Aldescu

“People who notice the changes in my life often ask me to explain my living practices. I walk five miles a day, play with my eleven grandchildren, and life could not be better. I have surely come a long way from the bloated, hurting, drugged, depressed lupus patient I was before taking this course that really opened my eyes. I tell people everyday that they don’t have to make all the changes immediately but they must work towards making them. A little improvement can go along-way towards better health. I tell them that if they will just steadily make changes in the direction of good health, they will reap the rewards. I am living proof of that and I will never go back!

Marge Fautch

“After a hospital stay for asthma, I was told they could not find the source of my problem and I would just have to limit most activities and live with it. I was only 32 years old at the time! For the record, Natural Health (Hygiene) has saved my life.”

Sherry Ransier

Tuition Fees, and Enrollment Costs


The tuition fees and enrollment costs cover the following items: a complete set of course books with individual lesson work-book tests and sectional exams, a Certificate of Proficiency once the student has completed 50% of the course lessons successfully, and an Diploma upon the successful completion of the entire course.

NOTE: The College does not charge any additional fees for grading, counseling, or returning corrected examinations.

The tuition fees start at only $1,995.00 (plus S/H) for the complete course, which includes the new 20-volume textbook and reference library in a hard cover textbook format or in a PDF format on CDs or sent to you On-Line or on a Flash Drive (USB).

Call us for your Student Application and Enrollment Form today!

Remember the old saying, “If its to be, its up to me”! Well now is your chance to fulfill your goal and embark on a career in the ever-expanding alternative natural health field that will be so rewarding as well as exciting and financially secure. It is no longer a time to just “talk the talk”. It is now time to “walk the walk”.

So complete your Application and Enrollment Forms now and return them to the Fit For Life® Sciences Institute, College of Natural Health, along with your payment, and get started on the number one “Natural Hygiene Distance-Education Course” being offered in the world today.

For more information about the qualifications, tuition fees, application forms, enrollment applications, or any other questions you may have, please contact us today.


Tuition Fees and Enrollment Costs

The tuition cost for the Bachelor Degree Program in “Natural Hygienic Science” (BH Sc) for any of our own College’s graduate students or for any other accepted but non-graduate students from our FFL College can be easily obtained by contacting our "Director of Student Services or Registrar" or by reviewing your Bachelor Degree Student Application and Enrollment Agreement for the details.

So complete your Bachelor Degree Application and Enrollment Form now and return them to the Fit For Life® Sciences Institute, College of Natural Health, along with your payment, and get started on your exciting “Natural Hygienic Science Distance-Education Degree Course” today.


Tuition Fees and Enrollment Costs

The tuition cost for the Master Degree Program in “Natural Hygienic Science” (MH Sc) for any of our own College’s graduate students or for any other accepted but non-graduate students from our FFL College can be easily obtained by contacting our "Director of Student Services or Registrar" or by reviewing your Master Degree Student Application and Enrollment Agreement for these details.

So complete your Master Degree Application and Enrollment Form now and return them to the Fit For Life® Sciences Institute, College of Natural Health, along with your full tuition payment today.

For more information, questions, or comments, email or call us toll free:

E-mail us at:








 or Email the"Director of Student Services" at: rosew@fitforlife.com

**** When contacting us via email; Please include your mailing address and telephone number in your email as the College requires this information for your file and to help determine the appropriate catalogue and enrollments forms to be sent out to you.

Thank You.


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